Why the Naked Practitioner?

First of all, it got you to this site.  Secondly, good question. Thirdly, as is inherent to Universal Truths, within the asking of the question, lies the resolve of the answer.  For to all questions asked, is the answer revealed, not from the domain of the intellect, but from the Realm of Infinite Intelligence.  Einstein referred to this Infinite Intelligence as “The Field of Pure Potentiality,” and further stated “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  This field of pure potentiality, is in Truth the Reality of consciousness coming to know consciousness itself.   Some call it “Source Energy,” some call it “The Flow,” some call it “Synchronicity,” others yet, call it “The Spark of the Divine Within.”  It is Spirit’s Essence of immortal and mortal as the eternity of Love and Light.   By whatever name it is the same.  Omniscience.  Omnipresence.  Omnipotence.  

So, why the name: “The Naked Practitioner?”  As this site will deal with conversations surrounding consciousness, I came to the realization that pure consciousness lies beyond all attachments, all meanings, all encloakment of limitations or perceived boundaries.  Even beyond the projected boundaries of our body suits, which are merely the reflections of the thoughts we hold about the manifestation of physical form, which we hold to be true.  So, how do we access this pure potentiality of “Source Energy, The Flow, Synchronicity or The Spark of the Divine Within?”  You got it.  Very much like standing in front of a mirror naked we tap into, turn onto, tune into this magical, mystical, miraculous energy by getting naked beyond preconceptions of beliefs, beyond misconceptions of limiting values, beyond attitudes of conceptions of consciousness itself.

We let go of it all to have it all.  Even our Body Suits, in a way are the entrapments of the rationalized species consciousness, pertaining to the beliefs, values and attitudes we hold about the laws of relativity we hold pertaining to physical form.  Michael Beckwith, refers to this as “Letting go from the get go.” In Truth of Consciousness we are Light Energy Beings.  This Light Energy, when condensed through the focus of the thoughts we hold in mind, takes the form, the mold and the manifestation of our held beliefs, values and attitudes.  We have to strip away the old stories, the past memories, the paradigms of precedent, the bondage of boundaries of beliefs and fixated patterns of knowing that hold us captive to our perceptions of finite reality.  As we let go of our limited realities we come to know the unlimited Multidimensional Realities in which, the finite of concepts transcends into the undifferentiated Infinites of Consciousness.

This is the consciousness of pure potentiality, in which the IMPOSSIBLE shifts to the awareness of I AM POSSIBLE.  It is as our perceived illusion of the impossible gives way to the revealed Reality of ALL is POSSIBLE that our lives become the demonstration of what Ernest Homes calls: “ Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Being.”  Emerson believed this state of Possibility Consciousness was arrived at as we came to: “Get our bloated nothingness out of the way.”  It is as we step out of the molds of our mindsets into the freedom of what lies beyond the definition of our identities that we come to experience the Infinities of our Divinity.  This is the journey of the pathless path, in which we return home to the place in our heart we never left, the place of Love and Light.

This place of love and light and wisdom is arrived at as we become willing and allowing to trust our hearts to open, our soul’s truths to unfold and the being-ness of our spirit to shine forth.  It is as we become vulnerable to getting naked beyond all the precedents of the past of our history, the past of our biology, the past of our singular vision of humanity and practicing the awakening of awareness of our own and collective Divinity, that we so come to shine as the light of the world.  As we, in the here and now of our present moment reality, so come to embody the principles of what I like to call, Youniversal Younity, we come to know beyond knowing the unity of our human self as our Authentic Self.  This begins by the opening of ourselves individually to the allowing of the awareness of Unity Consciousness, which thereby will, one transcendent thought at a time, become the collective consciousness of as Heaven so on earth.

Youniversal Younity exists beyond duality in which there are no boundaries of states, no divisions of nations, and no divisiveness of religions.  It is the centeredness of being, in which our perceived concepts of the belief in opposites and opposition, become the revelations of the existent truth, that in all perceived polarities are the revelations of the co-existent complements of neutrality.  This is the view of sightedness beyond the five senses, in which the eternity of consciousness coming to know consciousness itself is the only Reality.  Walter Starcke refers to this state of becoming and being as the place of knowing in which, “the Law of Opposites becomes the Law of Complements, by which in this transcended state there are no exclusions, no divisions, and no limitations.”  This Youniversal Younity, begins with the trusting of the process of life itself.

Youniversal Younity, is the evolving awareness of self as Self.  This is the Self of what Emma Curtis Hopkins calls, “the I AM that I AM.”  This is the state of becoming in which we come to embody the awake of our dreams.  By transcending our past precedents of entanglements, and by embracing our freedoms and liberties inherent in, and by living from the Principles of Truth, we come to embrace the power of the present moment, in which our dreams come true.   This power of presence, is not a place of learning, but rather a place of unlearning, unschooling and unknowing.  It lies beyond the concrete appearances of the permanence of conditions.  It is the experience of the finite, as the ever existent fluidity of the flux and the eternal flow from the Fountainhead of Source.  

Ernest Holmes refers to this as “Law of Mind in action,” which, “By impressing our thought upon this Substance, we can cause it to produce for us that which we think.” “This is the potentiality existent in getting naked in consciousness.  This is the possibility of striping away our ways of seeing and entering into the pure potentiality of being.   The prerequisites to beginning the journey, in which there is in truth no beginning or end, is one of courage of the heart, an attentive listening to the whispers of the Soul, and the attunement with the inspirations of Spirit. This is the way of Youniversal Unity, in which we remove our garbs of binding precedents, we transcend our perceived limits of borders and we come to stand in the raw and naked starkness of our unbounded, unclothed, undefined, unfettered vulnerability.  Thus the name: “The Naked Practitioner.”