Meet Michael

K. Michael Curcuru’s Life Plane encloakment of limited awareness began to shift to Light Plane Consciousness embodiment while at The School of Visual Arts, NYC. His old veil ofprecedents of outsight gave way to new unfolding principles of insight. His precedent of engagement with past paradigms of intellect thinking transpired to principles of evolvementof intuitive knowing.   Set points of seeing the locality of conditions expanded to the non-local sightedness of consciousness.

During a meditative journey, Michael discovered, or was discovered by, an open doorway that led to a series of an infinity of opening doorways, which then collapsed in an exponential existent experience beyond all dimensions of energy, time or space. Absolute awareness itself somehow, someway, some why came to compress beyond factual comprehension itself, into a transmuted stateless state, of extreme extraction of all meaning, value, belief, ideation, and of truth itself.

Michael’s boundary transcendence of all precepts of mind, perceptions of personality, imprisonment of scientific and religious nomenclatures gave way to a groundlessness of being he calls “finding the door to infinity.” This accelerated- awareness-alignment occurs when the every-thing of you and the no-thing of you, becomes as one with the Universal You. Michael calls this Youniversal Younity.

In this accelerated-awareness-alignment the entrapment of assumptions, entanglements of conditions, entropies of false prophets (profits) of social class, parental paradigms and family rites and rituals of conformity shift from mattering more, to mattering less, to not mattering.   In truth and consciousness of it all the “IT” of the condition(s) doesn’t matter.” Even God doesn’t matter. IT ALL just IS.

Michael’s Call to Truth trumpeted again at the U.S.C School of Cinema in Los Angeles.   He was challenged to “go beyond the edge of knowing into the abyss of the unknown and thereby come to flourish.” Michael, attended a ropes climbing course, adopting its motto “I used to be different now I AM the same” as a Life Modality. Studies at Holmes Institute enlivened concepts of consciousness, softened concreteness of conditions and was advent to “The Naked Practitioner.”